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railway_station.jpgTRAVELING AROUND

Helsinki offers great opportunities for enjoying a diverse range of activities in any season of the year.

Summer is the time for swimming. The City of Helsinki has a long coast line and also many beaches. The most famous beach in Helsinki is Hietaniemi Beach -"Hietsu", a big beach almost in the centre of Helsinki. Just hire a bicycle and let it take you wherever you want…

Winter is the time for sledding in the parks, ice skating in seven artificial skating rinks or in 3 natural skating rinks around the town, bowling, cart driving, swimming in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ice swimming…  Just remember to put on warm clothes.

Long distance buses and railways

Matkahuolto - long distance buses

Helsinki’s long distance bus terminal is underground in the downtown Kamppi commercial complex. Operations at terminal are largely automated and it is directly connected to a metro station.

Long distance bus timetables can be checked and tickets purchased through Matkahuolto.

Established in 1933, Oy Matkahuolto Ab is a private service and marketing company specialising in bus and coach services.

Matkahuolto of Kamppi opening hours and contacts:
Travel Services E-level
mo-fri 7-18 sa 8-16 sun 11-17
phone 0200 4000 (1,99 €/min + local network charge)

Website >

Address: Narinkka 3, 00100 HELSINKI
Phone: 0200 4000 (1,99 €/min + local call charge

VR - Railways


Long-distance services
+358 600 41 902
(€1,99/answered call + lnc)
Mon-Sun 7-22

Helsinki commuter services
+358 600 41 903
(€1,99/answered call + lnc)
Mon-Sun 7-22

Helsinki commuter services
+358 600 41 903
(€1,99/answered call + lnc)
Mon-Sun 7-22

International trains
+358 600 41 906

(€ 1,99 / asnwered call + inc)

Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30

Website >


If you have left any property on the train please call Finland's Found Property Service to enquire about lost property at +358 600 41 006 (1.97€/min + Iocal network charge).
You can pick up lost property at a Finland's Found Property Service office or have it sent to you by post.


Mäkelänkatu 56


Address: Kaivokatu 1, 00100 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 600 41 900 ( 1,99 € /vastattu puhelu + pvm )