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What to Do

Helsinki offers great opportunities for enjoying a diverse range of activities in every season of the year.

Summer is the time for swimming. The City of Helsinki has a long coast line and also many beaches. The most famous beach in Helsinki is Hietaniemi Beach (Hietsu), a big beach almost in the centre of Helsinki. Just hire a bicycle and let it take you wherever you want…

Winter is the time for sledding in the parks, ice skating in seven artificial skating rinks or in 3 natural skating rinks around the town, bowling, cart driving, swimming in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ice swimming… Just remember to put on warm clothes.


Sports and Adventure public

Aurinkolahti Beach

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Address: Aurinkoranta 15, 00990 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 310 8771

Brahenkenttä artificial skatingrink

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Address: Helsinginkatu 25a, 00510 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3103 1641

Central Park

The Central Park of Helsinki offers excellent opportunities for outdoor sports, adventures and relaxing. It is the biggest park in Helsinki. It covers a thousand hectares and is ten kilometres in length. The Park begins at the Töölönlahti Bay and ends at the northern border of Helsinki.

In Central Park there are four nature protection areas, also with untouched primeval forest. In the nesting season the forests are filled with birdsong.

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Address: Hammarskjöldintie 1, 00250 HELSINKI

Furuvik Beach

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Address: Furuvikintie 9, 00870 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 310 8771

Hietaniemi Beach - "HIetsu"

Hietaniemi Beach, known as Hietsu, is Helsinki's most popular beach. Popularity is due to its location almost in the centre of the city.

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Address: Hiekkarannantie 11, 00100 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 310 71431

Itäkeskus Swimming Hall

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Address: Olavinlinnantie 6, 00900 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3108 7202

Jakomäki Swimming Hall

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Address: Somerikkopolku 6, 00770 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3108 7454

Kumpula Outdoor swimming pool

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Address: Allastie 5, 00560 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 310 87477

Lauttasaari Beach

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Address: Kuikkarinne 1a, 00200 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3107 1473

Mustikkamaa Beach

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Address: Mustikkamaanpolku 2, 00570 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3107 1462

Nuuksio National Park

Nuuksio - Wilderness in the City

Espoo's nature is an astonishing experience offering beauty and tranquillity. The unspoiled nature of Nuuksio National Park is worth exploring. Inhale fresh air and see the wilderness only few miles away from the hectic city life.

The Nuuksio National Park is far away from the hectic city life, but still next door. Choose your way of relaxation in the wilderness; riding, cycling, climbing, picking berries and mushrooms, swimming, snowshoeing, letterboxing, skiing or trekking. Stay overnight in a tent or lean-to shelter.

There are almost 30 kilometres of trekking trails close to Haukkalampi, Kattila and Siikajärvi ponds. Nuuksio is an excellent place for couple of days rambling with pitches for camping and shelter for cooking.

The Haukanpesä information cabin and Haukkalampi nature cabin are open daily throughout the summer.

Reach the wilderness by bus? In Espoo it's possible.
Bus no. 85(A) leaves from Espoo Centre, which is easily reached by train. In summer the bus route goes all the way to Kattila in Nuuksio and in the winter the terminal point is in Nuuksionpää. Bus and train timetables and maps

Car parks are located in Haukkalampi (main information point, east), Högbacka (north) Kattila (north), Siikaniemi (south) and near Elohovi (west).
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Address: Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 ESPOO
Phone: +358 205 644 790

Pihlajasaari Beach

Pihlajasaari Beach is located on the island of Pihlajasaari in front of Helsinki, only 10 minutes. in the summertime, by boat from Kaivopuisto or Ruoholahti. The island is one of the most popular summer oases for native Helsinki residents.

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Address: Läntinen Pihlajasaari, 00150 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3107 1506

Pirkkola Sports park Swimming Hall

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Address: Pirkkolantie 23 , 00630 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3108 7916

Seurasaari Beach

In 1906 a bathing beach was built for the citizens on the west side of Seurasaari. It still has its old look from the years back. Women and men have separate sections. Nowadays the beach is a nudist beach, which everyone can enjoy two days a week, on these two days a swimming suite is obligatory. The nearby based sand beach is also a popular place to enjoy the sun.

Source Visit Helsinki

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Address: Seurasaari, 00250 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 310 71536

The Swimming Stadium

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Address: Hammarskjöldintie 5, 00250 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3108 7854

Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall

Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, which is located in the centre of Helsinki, was inaugurated on 4 June 1928. For decades it was the only public indoor pool in Finland. It was acquired by the City of Helsinki in 1967.
Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall is an impressive example of 1920s classicism and it is an important building historically as well as architecturally. Over the decades the hall has retained its original appearance. After a thorough renovation which began 1997, the hall was reopended to the public in October 1999.
There are separate times for women and men. Customers may swim with or without a bathing suit. Bathing suits have been allowed since September 2001.

City of Helsinki

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Address: Yrjönkatu 21b, 00100 HELSINKI
Phone: +358 9 3108 7401