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The Finnish capital region consists of four cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen. The region is home to around 1 million inhabitants, which is almost a quarter of the total population of Finland.

The location on the Baltic Sea, cultural climate and green landscapes of the capital region offer a lot to see to visitors from all over the world.

The commuter towns surrounding the capital region are Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Kerava, Kirkkonummi, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Tuusula and Vihti.

The City of Vantaa

Finnish Aviation Museum

The Finnish Aviation Museum

The Finnish Aviation Museum is a national special aviation museum located close to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. The museum collection includes ca. 80 civil and military aircraft and a multitude of other aviation-related exhibits, e.g. engines, propellers, measuring device, radio equipment, scale models and airport ground equipment.
Café-restaurant Café Cockpit in the museum is an excellent place for various events. A well equipped auditorium for 170-200 persons and cabinets for 8 and 30 persons provide event opportunities for both company meetings and private celebrations.
Source The Finnish Aviation Museum

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Address: Tietotie 3, 01530 VANTAA
Phone: +358 9 870 0870


Heureka, The Finnish Science Center

The roots of the Finnish Science Centre Heureka can be traced back to the University of Helsinki and scientists, who had become acquainted with different science centres located around the world. The initial spark was lit by Adjunct Professors Tapio Markkanen, Hannu I. Miettinen and Heikki Oja. It all began with the Physics 82 exhibition held at the House of the Estates in Helsinki on 20–26 May 1982. During autumn of that same year, the science centre project was launched with the initial support of the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Education, and various foundations. The project led to the establishment of the Finnish Science Centre Foundation during 1983-1984. The original founding members of the foundation included the University of Helsinki, the Helsinki University of Technology, the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and the Confederation of Industries.
Source Heureka

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Address: Kuninkaalantie 7, 01300 VANTAA
Phone: +358 9 857 9288

The Church of St. Lawrence

The Church of St. Lawrence - A Church by the River

Standing in the old Helsinki Parish Village, in present-day Vantaa, the Church of St. Lawrence dates back to c. 1460. Its outward appearance is reminiscent of several other medieval stone churches in eastern Uusimaa Province, namely those in Porvoo, Pernaja, Pyhtää, and Sipoo.

Helsinge, or Helsinki Parish, is known to have been populated by Swedish-speaking people by the 14th century. Documentary evidence shows that a wooden church stood here as early as 1401. The patron saint of the wooden church was Sankt Lars, better known as Saint Lawrence or Laurentius, a deacon martyred in Rome in the year 258.

The parish village with its church was favourably located on the coastal road between Turku and Viipuri. A branch of the salmon-rich River Vantaa ran through the village as well. A traveller approaching the village on the great coastal road, known as the King’s Road, could see the Church of St. Lawrence from afar, since the village was surrounded by fields, and there were no other big buildings to block the view. Helsinge was an established centre of population by the time Helsinki was founded in parish territory in 1550.

In medieval times, the interior of the Church of St. Lawrence was dark. The windows were smaller than at present, and candles were the only alternative sources of light. There were no pews. The outer walls were whitewashed. Lack of heating made the church cold and damp in wintertime. For the common people the church’s massive stone walls were both a reminder of man’s smallness before God and a visible expression of the combined power of the Roman Catholic Church and her loyal supporter, the secular government.
Source The evangelical Lutheran congregations of Vantaa

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Address: Kirkkotie 45 , 01510 VANTAA
Phone: +358 9 830 6621

Vantaa City Museum

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Address: Hertaksentie 1, 01300 VANTAA
Phone: +358 9 8392 4449

Visit The City of Vantaa

Welcome to the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

The Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport welcomes about 15 million passengers coming to Finland each year.

Vantaa as an area has a long history, with the earliest findings of human settlement dating back 7,000 years. Today the City of Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland and it is part of the Greater Helsinki area.

Tikkurila, the centre of Vantaa, is home of the foremost science centre in Finland, Heureka. One of the objectives of the centre is to popularise scientific information. About 280,000 people visit Heureka yearly.

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Address: Ratatie 7, 01300 VANTAA
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